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Northcote High School takes its responsibilities to guide students and parents in matters of cybersafety very seriously.


In 2012, the school hosted the Federal ACMA authority and made a film called Tagged specifically about school-aged children and cybersafety on the campus (right). In 2013, the school hosted the making of several short advertisments for ACMA: Not Quite Right, Alarmed and Rights and Responsibilities.


In April 2016, the school again hosted ACMA's Office of Children's esafety Commissioner for a week, to make eight short cybersafety commercials for use online (below).







Some helpful advice


Three quarters of children will not tell a parent/teacher if they are being bullied or harassed online, for fear of losing their internet access. In the event of constant harassment, cyberbullying, theft from your account or unwanted attention from unknown people, try to contact the company. Contact NHS immediately if you suspect it is connected to school. Keep evidence. Victoria Police should also be informed if continued harassment or stalking occurs.


Young people often don’t have refined expression skills when typing and the intent of a message can be easily misunderstood, so MSN or email shouldn’t replace human contact. We advise that you don’trespond to rude or harassing emails (keep a record in case of further investigation) or allow very young children to use the computer unsupervised. And blocking senders on MSN (instant messaging) who send harassing emails, and teaching children that the internet is not always reliable can also useful.


We would like to share our golden rules with you:

  • Never respond to abuse.
  • Never abuse others.
  • On the internet; if in doubt, don’t.
  • How much private information do you really want stored on a server in another country?

However, blogs, email and person-to-person communication can be supportive to study.


Click here to watch TAGGED online


Click here to watch NOT QUITE RIGHT online


Click here to watch ALARMED online







Guidelines for maximising Facebook privacy settings


Useful Links

Australian Teacher Magazine (The Cyber Bully)

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ACMA Federal Government Site (Teenagers)

ACMA Federal Government Site (For Parents)

ACCC Federal Government (Scam watch)

Think U Know Federal Government site (Sexting and Privacy)

Think U Know Federal Government site (Removing profiles etc)

Think U Know Federal Government site (Cyberbullying etc)

Triple J (Social Networking sites and privacy)

Wired safety (Parenting on line)


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